"Get the 'song in your head' to come out the speakers... without spending thousands on an expensive producer, new plugins, or a fancy college course"


So how would it feel if you could could produce your own songs in Logic?

What if you never had to depend on another producer to bring your song to life ever again?

No more texting them asking where the track is...

No more finally getting it back and wishing it sounded a little more like what you had in mind...

In the next 30 days this absolutely could be possible for you.

You could be more valuable to your cowriters.

Become more attractive to music publishers.

And more confident in your skills as a producer.

Well, I'm here to help you out in my brand new course, Pop/Country for beginner's in Logic...

Allow me to take you on a 30 day journey with daily production tips and I'll show you step by step how to produce a pop/country song.

I'll be using mostly midi virtual instruments and online samples to make it easier on you at home to get started producing...

We're gonna start out by learning how to program great souding drums and I'll show you how to make the most out of the apple loop library...

I'm gonna show you all of the best midi instruments to help get you started with quality sounds right out the gate.

Then, I'll walk you through my best vocal production tips to help you get more familiar with recording your own voice in the studio...

I'm also gonna help you understand the mixing process using Logic's stock plug ins.

So if you eventually wanna get to the point where you are in control of how your songs sound and you are proud of what you can accomplish as a producer...

Then you're gonna have to start at the very beginning.

Join me today and allow me to show you step by step what it takes to build a pop/country track...

I'll cut the time in half that it will take you to learn on your own while keeping you motivated to keep going...


Because I remember exactly what it was like trying to learn music production and how overwhelming it can be..

So let me simplify the process for you and in the next 30 days you could be proud of what you are producing.

I'll make sure of it.

All you have to do is sign up at the link below.

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Learn the most essential steps to produce pop/country tracks in Logic Pro.

7+ Hours Of Easy To Implement Production Content

Demo Project Downloads + Bonus Session Included!

Designed, produced and tested by Forest Whitehead

Content for Logic Pro 10.5 and Higher (10.7.5 or Higher Recommended)

Course Outline:

Day 1: Back To The Basics - Part 1

Answer Body

Day 2: Back To The Basics - Part 2

Answer Body

Day 3: Back To The Basics - Part 3

Answer Body

Day 4: How To Produce Drums

Answer Body

Day 5: How to Produce Virtual Guitars

Answer Body

Day 6: How To Produce Synth/Keys

Answer Body

Day 7: How To Produce Bass

Answer Body

Day 8: How To Arrange Your Session

Answer Body

Day 9: How To Track Your Vocal and Export Track

Answer Body

Day 10: Basic Reverse Transitions

Answer Body

Day 11: How To Add Advanced Transitions

Answer Body

Day 12: How To Make Your Chorus HIT!

Answer Body

Day 13: How To Add Musical Hooks

Answer Body

Day 14: How To Add Chorus Layers

Answer Body

Day 15: How To Prepare Session for Mixing

Answer Body

Day 16: Mixing Drums & Bass

Answer Body

Day 17: How To Mix Instruments

Answer Body

Day 18: Mixing Vocals

Answer Body

Day 19: Mixing With Automation

Answer Body

Day 20: How To Master Your Mix

Answer Body

Day 21: Tracking Lead Vocal

On day 21 we will enter phase two of this program. We will move on to a new song where I show you pro vocal recording techniques I use to make my vocal productions stand out.

Day 22: Comping Lead Vocal

Answer Body

Day 23: How To Track Harmonies

Answer Body

Day 24: How To Comp Harmonies

Answer Body

Day 25: How To Tune Harmonies

Answer Body

Day 26: How To Tune Lead Vocal

Answer Body

Day 27: How To Mix the Lead Vocal

Answer Body

Day 28: Add more Harmonies and Finish!

Answer Body

Day 29: BONUS #1: How To Produce A Simple Country Demo in Logic!

This is pretty much a full course on its own. You get access to 3+ hours to learn how to produce a simplified country demo.

Day 30: BONUS #2: Dylan Scott Demo Breakdown

Learn the layers of a radio ready pop/country track with hitmaker country artist Dylan Scott. 30 mins of production gold.

Get access to 3+ hours more of content with "How To Produce A Simple Country Demo" where I start with a blank session and walk you through every step of a production start to finish.

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If you want to know the bar of a pro quality demo here in Nashville, look no further than this demo breakdown I produced for country superstar, Dylan Scott.

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Take all the guess work out of your production with this step by step checklist. Make sure your track has everything it needs to sound as pro as possible. Includes checklist for Drums, Instruments, Vocals, and Mixing.

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About your instructor: Forest Whitehead

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I'm most recognized as the fouding producer of country superstar, Kelsea Ballerini.

Since 2015 I've produced 5 #1 songs, and 3 grammy nominated albums.

After spending over a decade in Nashville as a pro producer/songwriter I created a website to help other producers called Music City Playbook in 2020.

Aritists from Kelsea Ballerini, Lainey Wilson, Brandy Clark, Dylan Scott, Carrie Underwood, Brantley Gilbert and many more have

I enjoy spending time with my wife annd three kids or fishing on a lake in Tennessee somewhere when I'm not writing a song or creating content for producers.

The only thing I've ever done is music. Now I want to show others how they too can produce pro quality tracks.

Here's what other producers are saying:

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What if these lessons do not work for me?

If you have any doubt whatsoever if this is the right investment for you…

I'll only assume you haven't spent time with me on YouTube first…

There are 100+ free videos on YouTube that will give you a feel for my style of teaching music production.

If you make the investment and eventually feel like it was not right for you.

I will give you 14 days from the time of purchase for a full refund.

If you are not happy, I’m not happy.

Again, please spend time with me on YouTube before purchasing this course if you have any hesitation about your decision.

Is this available for life and is the course downloadable?

You get lifetime access + yearly updates with your purchase today.

The course video cannot be downloaded but are accessible through your online account inside a secure members area.

Instructions for logging into your course will be provided immediately upon purchase.

Is this a go-at-your-own-pace kind of program?

It can be! I’ve designed this course so by the end you have a fully finished track and a catalog of tricks in the book to go to when building out your sessions.

The 30 day timeline helps breakdown each part of the process. You will receive a simple assignment and new content in a daily email that will encourage you to keep learning from the course.

Part of the course is dripped out, the other half is available upon first login for those that hate to wait.

I have a question that isn’t covered on this page…

No problem. Contact me forest@musiccityplaybook.com and we’ll take care of it.

If you are not happy, I'm not happy. Try this risk free for 14 days and if you decide it is not for you, I will refund your money no questions asked.

Join today for $197



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